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Social Services Coordinators Annual Meeting "Shining Gems of Compassion

On a fine day in June in the bustling city of Chicago, Evergreen’s Social Services Coordinators gathered at The Martha Washington Apartments for a day filled with learning and laughter. The air was filled with anticipation as these dedicated individuals prepared to embark on an adventure of knowledge and fun.

The Social Services Coordinators of Evergreen are renowned providers of exceptional services to residents, and they knew that this gathering would be an excellent opportunity to enhance their skills and gain valuable insights. The day promised a treasure trove of information, covering various aspects of mental health services for individuals of all ages.

As they settled into the cozy conference room, Carla Turner, the Director of Social Services Coordinators and Quality Assurance at Evergreen Real Estate Group, began the day with an icebreaker led by Chrissa Jennings. Chrissa also presented best practices for completing payroll expense reports and invoices. A representative from 24/7 Digital Care Team gave information on virtual and in-person counseling services for all ages. The service coordinators learned about the importance of providing mental health services and how to access those services for residents. Carla, an expert in the field, shared fascinating stories and practical tips, ensuring that the coordinators were well-equipped with knowledge. Representatives from Senior Helpers, a homecare servicing company, unveiled a captivating presentation on Senior Gems. The service coordinators discovered that Senior Gems was not just any ordinary gemstone; it was a remarkable approach to recognizing, approaching, and communicating with those who may be living with dementia. Their eyes sparkled with curiosity as they delved deeper into the gems, each representing a different stage of dementia and requiring a unique approach. Everyone in attendance learned about the importance of empathy, patience, and understanding when interacting with residents who may be experiencing memory loss. Armed with these gems of wisdom, the coordinators felt empowered to create compassionate and supportive environments for their residents.

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