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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our mission is fueled by our belief in the inherent worth of every individual. With affordable housing as the foundation and supportive services as the pillars, HHDC is rewriting the story of affordable housing, one resident at a time.   At the core of HHDC's mission lies the commitment to expand, build or rehabilitate affordable housing units, offering safe havens for residents whose incomes fall within or below 60% of the area mean. This essential step towards stability is only the beginning. Recognizing that instability affects every aspect of a person's life, HHDC's work extends far beyond housing construction.    We assess the unique needs of every resident, ensuring their activities of daily living are met with dignity and compassion. By providing assistance in accessing vital community-based services and public benefits, HHDC guides residents to overcome challenges. HHDC doesn't stop at providing support; we meticulously monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of our services, constantly adapting to better serve our community. Recognizing the importance of collaboration, we actively identify and network with appropriate community-based supports, creating a safety net for residents. Advocating for our residents, HHDC amplifies their voices, ensuring that their needs are met, and their struggles acknowledged.    When problems arise in their tenancy, HHDC is there to provide guidance and resolution, ensuring that stability remains a constant presence. Understanding the vital connection between physical and mental well-being, we coordinate health and wellness programs tailored to the unique needs of each housing community. HHDC fosters a culture of empowerment and resilience. HHDC recognizes that each person's journey is unique. Therefore, we provide individualized support, so each resident develops personalized strategies to build and sustain their best quality of life.  In their pursuit of dignity and independence, HHDC stands as a powerful advocate for residents, eliminating barriers and transforming lives. Frail and at-risk low-income elderly, people with disabilities, and families find solace and hope in the unwavering commitment of this remarkable organization.

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