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Our Mission

To transform lives through affordable housing and supportive services,

In the heart of America's struggle for stability, our not-for-profit 501c3 Corporation provides more than just shelter. We understand that true well-being is not achieved by merely placing a roof overhead; it requires nurturing the spirit, fostering independence, and creating a sense of belonging.

Specialties and Services

As an organization, HHDC is uniquely positioned to provide affordable housing with comprehensive support services. From facilitating tax credit financing to social services, we combine our collective experience, industry knowledge, and commitment to empower individuals and families, enhance the quality of life, and foster independence. Together, we strive to create lasting positive impacts on the lives of the people we serve, one home at a time.


Affordable Housing 

At HHDC, we go beyond bricks and mortar. In line with our mission, we forge meaningful relationships, advocate for residents, and foster enduring community bonds. Our commitment extends beyond property ownership, as we strive to create a lasting impact in all the communities we serve.


Social Services

Through a network of multi-family properties, HHDC's Social Service Coordinators address the multifaceted needs of our residents. By nurturing self-sufficiency, we assist residents with their unique needs, paving a path to stability. HHDC actively promotes community building, weaving together the threads of connection and belonging that empower individuals to overcome adversity.



With a shared vision of creating sustainable and inclusive communities, our Board members leverage their collective experience to drive positive change. Their accomplishments include developing affordable senior housing properties, expanding property management divisions, and successfully navigating financing programs and government agencies.


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